About Us

Electronic Cigarettes International Group manufactures, markets, and distributes many of the world’s leading e-cigarette and vaping brands. We offer a full range of products, from disposable and rechargeable “cig-a-like” analogs, to advanced vaping products, and specialty items. In addition to being a leading provider of e-cigarette and vaping items, we sell directly to consumers via prominent e-commerce and mobile websites, as well as own and operate retail stores and kiosks in selected countries.





Our Company Standards:

  • Helping and empowering smokers through choice.
  • Operating as an industry leader and setting a standard as a Company of superior integrity with operating principles and practices above reproach.
  • Providing superior value for our retailer partners, by offering them the highest quality products available at the lowest imaginable cost. We further support our retail partners with innovative programs to drive throughput at the retail shelf, and superior customer service and flexibility.
  • Providing superior return for the shareowners of the Company, ensuring every penny is invested wisely to generate increasingly greater returns.
  • We endeavor to win with consumers – by providing them the best possible line of products… delivered at the best possible price… with the best possible support and service.
  • The Company’s central beliefs revolve around focus, cost leadership, and differentiation, underpinned by a strong culture and set of organizational capabilities as defined by the best people, processes, systems, information, and environment.