The Electronic Cigarette International Group offers a full range of products, from disposable e-cigarettes to the most advanced vaping products. As a result of our extensive online business as well as global operations, ECIG is able to capitalize on e-cigarette and vaping trends as they emerge. This allows ECIG to be first to market, and the preferred vendor partner for retailers worldwide. Our product lines include both “cig-a-like” alternatives and vaping items, and specialty items ranging from E-Hooka, E-Shisa’s, E-Cigars and more.



Disposable/ Non-Rechargeable: ECIG brands offer a line of disposable cig-a-like items, often referred to as non-rechargeable or disposable electronic cigarettes. These items are available in an assortment of flavors and nicotine strengths. These items represent both an entry point for the combustible smoker seeking an alternative as well as a convenient ash-free, smoke-free, alternative.



Vapestick_rechargeableRechargeable Kits: Rechargeable electronic cigarettes often represent a step up to consumers seeking a smoking alternative. Typically, rechargeable products appear as cig-a-likes, with the general appearance and size of a traditional combustible cigarette. The rechargeable nature of these items allows for replacement cartomizers (sometimes referred as carts) and can represent a cost savings for the more frequent user versus disposables or non-rechargeables. A rechargeable kit typically includes: a wall charger, a car charger, a battery, and cartomizers. While traditional tobacco flavors remain most popular, cartomizers are commonly available in an assortment of strengths and flavors.

Introductory Vaping Kits:
For consumers looking for longer and stronger battery power and larger capacity, vaping systems present an excellent choice. While rechargeable, vaping products are generally not cig-a-like in appearance. Components of vaping systems often include a battery and cartomizer along with recharging mechanism. Our introductory vaping kits utilize sealed cartomizers, allowing the consumer to avoid any mess and hassle associated with refilling. These items often represent a transition from cig-a-like e-cigarettes to vaping.



FIN Advanced Vaping TobaccoAdvanced Vaping Kits: Our advanced vaping systems allow for greater vaping pleasure by combing larger liquid capacity, and longer life batteries with larger capacity e-liquid tanks. Our proprietary V-Tanks™ allow consumers to enjoy all the benefits of advanced vaping pleasure without the need to separately purchase and fill tanks with e-liquids. Our proprietary V-Tanks™ are available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.


As the marketplace matures, consumer interest in vaping items is increasing. Our online experience gives us market mobility, allowing us to capture the emerging market and offer these vaping items to our retail partners as demand emerges. Globally, we offer a full range of vaping items, including large capacity batteries and “empty” tanks – allowing consumers to fill and refill with e-liquids (sometimes referred to as e-juice). E-liquids are commonly sold in 10, 15 and 30 ml bottles. While preferences vary by country and geography, traditional cigarette flavors – tobacco and menthol- remain popular worldwide; however, many traditional smokers seeking an alternative are increasingly looking to “non-combustible” flavors – with flavors like coffee, vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavors growing in popularity.


Specialty Products: Each brand offers a unique selection of specialty products including: Electronic cigars, v-shisha, and E-hookahs among others.

Accessories: ECIG brands offer a wide range of carrying cases, lanyards and European and American style chargers.