When was ECIG founded?
Electronic Cigarettes international Group (ECIG), formerly Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation, began online sales in 2012. ECIG became a publicly traded company on June 25, 2013, under the trading symbol ECIG.

What business is ECIG in?
ECIG is dedicated to providing a compelling alternative to traditional cigarettes for the more than 1 billion current smokers around the world. ECIG offers consumers a full product portfolio that incorporates product quality and the latest technology.

What is the company’s ticker symbol?
Our common stock ticker symbol is ECIG and our stock trades on the OTCBB.

How do I get the current stock price?
You can check the current stock price of Electronic Cigarettes International Group’s common stock by going to the stock data section of our website: http://ecigco.wpengine.com/investors/stock-data/

How do I purchase ECIG shares?
You will need to contact a brokerage firm to purchase shares.

When is ECIG’s year-end?
ECIG operates on a fiscal year basis with its year-end December 31.

When are the company’s quarterly financials released?
Quarterly financials are filed no later than 60 days after each quarter. For example, ECIG’s first quarter is over March 31st, therefore the financials for the first quarter are filed no later than May 30th.

What is a transfer agent?
A transfer agent keeps records of every outstanding share certificate in a publicly held company, along with the name of the person to whom it is registered. When registered shares change hands, the agent transfers share ownership from the seller to the buyer. A registrar then reconciles all transfer records to make sure the number of shares debited is equal to the number of shares credited.

Who is your transfer agent?
ECIG’s transfer agent is the Nevada Agency and Trust Company.

How do I replace a lost stock certificate or make name and address changes?
Please contact our Transfer Agent and notify them of your needs:

Nevada Agency and Transfer Company
50 West Liberty Street, Suite 880
Reno, Nevada 89501
Telephone (775) 322-0626
Fax (775) 322-5623
Transfer Agent e-mail: info@natco.org
Registered Agent e-mail: corpserve@natco.org

How do I obtain copies of your annual reports, quarterly reports and SEC filings?
You may download electronic copies from the Investor Relations section of our website under SEC Filings or by searching public records on Securities and Exchange Commission website.

When is the next Annual General Meeting?
All registered shareholders will receive written notice. Electronic Cigarettes International Group will also post this information on its website.

How do I speak to someone about the company?
Institutional Investors may contact our investor relations representatives The Piacente Group at 212-481-2050 or via email at ecig@thepiacentegroup.com. Individual investors should go to the Information Request section of our website and fill out the information form.