News Release 3/31/2014


  • The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) has elected Michael Clapper as its new Chairman
  • Michael Clapper, Co-Founder of VAPESTICK®, became President International for Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation in January 2014

SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN, March 31, 2014 – Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation (OTCQB: ECIG), today announced that Michael Clapper, its President International, has been elected as the Chairman of Europe’s leading Electronic Cigarette Trade Association, ECITA. The naming of Mr. Clapper as Chairman of the preeminent industry association in the United Kingdom and Europe reflects his influence as a leader and long-term member of the organization, and Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation recent ascendance to one of the world’s largest independent electronic cigarette companies.

United Kingdom based ECITA currently represents 26 electronic cigarette companies in Europe and is the largest and most prominent and respected trade association for the burgeoning industry. ECITA is the first organization in Europe to independently test the Electronic Cigarette Industry’s products to ensure on-going quality and safety. All 26 electronic cigarette companies that are members of the organization adhere to ECITA’s “Industry Standards of Excellence” audit program, in order to retain on-going membership. Testing, labelling and packaging, electrical certification, child-proofing and promotional activities all fall under the ECITA audit program, to ensure the highest quality and safest products for consumers, setting a standard for all Electronic Industry Associations worldwide.

ECITA has led the way in the self-regulation of the electronic cigarette industry. It was the first body to independently verify the quality and safety of e-cigarette products and is now developing the next generation of product standards and testing to ensure its members continue to meet the expectations of consumers and regulators. Michael Clapper will replace Mike Ryan who served as the Chairman of ECITA since its inception in 2010.

Michael Clapper, who is the co-founder VAPESTICK®, that has recently been expanding aggressively with the support of Victory, commented, “I’m delighted to be taking on the chairmanship of ECITA at this exciting and pivotal time in its development. Both ECITA, and the e-cigarette industry in general, are maturing extremely fast. As the industry’s leading and most recognized trade association, ECITA is already leading the way on product standards, and it will now push forward with enhanced communications, starting with a brand-new website and literature, whilst continuing constructive dialogue with government and regulators both in the UK and at the European Union.”

Katherine Devlin, president of ECITA commented: “All the members have expressed their gratitude to Mike Ryan for his four years of dedication and excellent stewardship of ECITA. We are delighted that Michael Clapper has agreed to take the baton, and lead us into the next phase of our journey.”

About ECITA, The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association

United Kingdom based ECITA was established in 2010 and represents over 26 electronic cigarette companies in Europe. It is the first UK body to independently test its member’s products in order to ensure quality, safety and compliance, and is the recognized authority on product quality and standards of its member companies. ECITA operates as a cohesive body to ensure the correct regulatory framework is applied to these products now and for the future. ECITA helps member companies navigate rules and regulations, science and technology, and standards to help them operate a legally-compliant, ethical, and successful electronic cigarette business.

About Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG)

The Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. (ECIG) is dedicated to empowering smokers to choose an alternative to traditional cigarettes.  ECIG is one of the leading electronic cigarette companies in the world, and owns the trademarks VAPESTICK®, FIN®, Victory®, GreenStix®, VIP® and others.  The Company owns multiple subsidiary companies and has operations in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Asia.  ECIG offers consumers a full product portfolio that incorporates the highest quality and latest technology, and has been rated as superior in real tobacco taste amongst major brands.   The Company’s website is www.ecig.co

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