Smoking Alternative

We offer traditional combustible cigarette smokers an alternative. An alternative that often represents significant cost savings when compared to traditional cigarettes. In addition to the substantial savings e-cigarette customers enjoy, they avoid many of the undesirable side effects typically associated with traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not combustible, not only eliminating the need for a lighter or match, but also avoiding the dangers linked to fire. Flameless e-cigarette users do not burn their clothes, carpet and the like. E-cigarette users enjoy an ash free, smoke free experience, while enabling for many of same tactile and sensational experiences as a traditional combustible cigarettes. E-cigarette emit vapor rather than smoke, allowing e-cigarettes users enjoy the fact that their clothes, hair and environment are not exposed to smoke.

Electronic cigarette use is an active area of research, and is currently being investigated by a variety of independent research organizations. To learn more about what leading health organizations have to say about electronic cigarette use, please follow the links listed below.